Ahoy there me hearties! Welcome to PirateCon.info where we be assemblin' the most complete list of PirateCon events, pirate conventions and other pirate festivals.

If the event is a "PirateCon" then it's usually a pirate-themed party and/or bar crawl that anyone can organize and anyone can attend. If you want to organize your own or you want to get an idea of what to expect then take a look at the Code-of-Conduct page.

If the event is not a PirateCon the organizers will definitely have their own rules concerning acceptible behavior and you MUST observe these (heavy drinking & wenching at a family event will likely as not get ye hanged from the yardarm).

Update August 2014...

Salty and the webmaster be back!!!

Ole Salty has returned from his voyages, moored his boat and rejoined with the webmaster to revitalize PirateCon.info. See the events page for the latest updates!

PirateCon 2014

If ye be organizin' a pirate festival of any description, be sure to let old Salty know via the Quarterdeck.

Likewise, if ye be knowin' of any pirate-related news, be sure to let old Salty know via the Quarterdeck.


Old news...

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